Astro Box Astronaut Training

Astronaut training is all about making your body fit to perform better in a different environment. It is no different than training our body exercising to stay fit,  just more rigorous than our day to day workouts. The Astronaut training checklist in the Space Explorer kit is a fun way to learn some of these activities and also get our body some activity while learning. Let’s get started:

Tunnel Crawl helps in developing balance and building muscles of an Astronaut. You could cut the flaps off of three to four cardboard boxes and tape the boxes together to form a tunnel or even make something with pillows to pretend like a tunnel. Then tell kids to crawl and go from one end to another without touching head on the rooftop.

Dust Collection. Astronauts have many tasks to perform during their brief moonwalks. Dust collection is also the part of Astronauts’ Space mission. Astronauts collect dust and other particles from surface of moon and other planets. It helps in their research study. Specialized tools are used by Astronauts for collecting samples from lunar surface. Parents could hide some fun treasures to and conduct a kind of dust collection activity.

The term Space Race is refers to dominance in spaceflight capability. Neil Armstrong who was the first man stepped onto the moon in 1969; America became the winner of the space race.

Jumping Jack. This activity is also a part of Astronaut training. This is not a simple jumping but you need to stand upright with your legs together, arms at your sides then bend your knees slightly, and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs and stretch your arms out and over your head. Jump back to starting position. This exercise is good for the physical fitness.

Lung capacity Test. This test is done to check the proper functioning of lungs. It measures how much air you can inhale and exhale. Kids can conduct the deep breathing exercise inhale deep hold a bit and exhale.

Toe Touches. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles. When toe touch and crunchs are done together, it is known as toetouch crunch

Line Hops. Astronauts stand parallel with a line and then hop back and forth over the line. They hop with the feet together for a specified time period and do number of repetitions

Comet Catch. A comet is a chunk of ice, rock, and gas flying through space. Catching the comet is a fast paced and engaging energizer activity. You can also pretend play this activity by putting a tennis ball in a stocking. Take the stocking and put a ball in it, then hold the stocking at the ‘tail end’ and release the ball along with stocking in the correct direction. The stocking and ball should look like a comet sailing in the air.

Balance Counts. Improves the balance of the body.

  1. Choose a smooth-surfaced solid wall, approved by an adult for use.
  2. For elder kids: Bounce a tennis ball off the wall and try to catch it while balancing on one foot. Raise your
    foot up behind you, level with your knee.
  3. Count how many seconds you can stand on one foot while throwing the tennis ball against the wall. Try not to let the ball or your foot touch the floor. Try to balance for at least 30 seconds without falling.
  4. Continue to practice this activity over time until you can keep your balance for 60 seconds
    without having to start over.
  5. For younger kids stand on one foot and count how long can you maintain the balance count as long as the foot is in the air.

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