Should Technology be a part of early childhood Education?

Technology plays an important role in today’s lifestyle and it is very difficult for us to avoid technology in our daily life. Children are exposed to technology from early childhood and most of the kids under two years start playing / using tablets and smartphone. Nowadays, teachers are also using technology in classrooms for interactive exercises and to engage with students in real-time.

Technology has significantly changed the way we interact, for instance, students in pre-technology era (when technology was not as prevalent, say before the launch of the first smartphone), used to write the homework and note it down in a notebook, with the advent of technology students can now access teachers whiteboard and see assignments and complete it on time. Thanks to the real time tracking, reminders, and automated evaluations in most cases. This has reduced the turn around time for feedback and also minimized the use of paper.

Another example is where teachers are using online applications in the classroom, which are really helping students to interact with the teachers and collaborate with their classmates to complete projects and solve problems.

Though technology several advantages it does come with its own challenges and limitations, thus its use must be monitored and limited to constructive work. Parents use technology to limit the access of resources for their kids and help them focus on their education.


  • Technology can help kids learn more things
  • Tablets can be used to read more books
  • Increases interactive skills in the classroom if used properly
  • White boards are used for students who want to check the material given in the class


  • Social play time is being reduced because of technology
  • Kids tend to have few friends
  • Some times technology in the class room could be a distraction
  • Fun activities like cartoons are sometimes a distraction and affects sound sleep in the kids

In summary, technology has on one hand opened multiple avenues for better education with wider access, but on the other hand if used without control poses several challenges and its use must be closely monitored by parents.

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