2021 National Rainforest Contest – Claim the Prizes/Certificates


Please use the form here to provide the information and shipping details for the prizes.

Facebook live announcement: https://fb.watch/3e35Wi9-Ic/

Results announcement page: https://www.tittletot.com/2021-national-rainforest-contest-results/

Important points to note:

  1. If you have won a tangible prize in the top 5 categories (i.e. telescope, walkie-talkie, binoculars, or trophy), you have an option to share the shipping cost for these items. This is not required, but if we get some volunteers, it will help us continue to bring contests like this at no cost to participants and allow us to give prizes to as many kids as possible.
  2. Those kids who won 200 special category award certificates, will get their certificates shipped to their addresses.
  3. Our sponsors have requested feedback for their products, we will email the winners with those instructions
  4. Please allow 2-3 weeks time for certificates and prizes to be delivered to you, we will email you with the tracking information once the prizes ship out
  5. If you liked the concept of theme-based education, please feel free to join our School in a Box Demo sessions to know more about our program
  6. Please leave a review about the contest and our education model on our Facebook page, linked here.

The last date to provide this information is January 31, 2021.

Any address filled after that may delay the delivery or disqualify the recipient.

As a Reminder, we have the following categories of prizes
  • One First Prize in each, Junior and Senior Category (Total 2): Winner gets a Telescope
  • Five First Runner Up prizes in each, Junior and Senior Category (Total 10): Winners get a Walkie Talkie
  • Ten Second Runner Up prizes in each Junior and Senior Category (Total 20): Winners get a Binocular
  • Three Most Creative Rainforest Model Awards (Total 3): Winners get a Video Walkie Talkie
  • Twenty-five Best Rainforest Model Awards (Total 25): Winners get a trophy
  • Two Hundred Special Category Awards (Total 200): Winners get a personalized certificate 
We recognize the efforts all the kids and families put together in the event, it was very very hard to rank close to 300 participants and pick who gets what prize. That is why we added more awards and recognition. But it does not stop there, tittletot and our sponsors are going above and beyond. Sky Horizon is offering a 15% discount on telescopes. Please find the links below.
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