About Us


Our vision is to revolutionize the concept of early childhood education with innovative ideas and become the nation’s best early childhood educational material provider, by creating a strong foundation for these future leaders, with something new and exciting every day.

Who We Are

tittletot was founded by Priya. Being a mother, she loves spending time with her daughter. She likes playing, teaching, coloring, solving puzzles with her four-year-old daughter. Her little one, Myra is just like any child. Myra is a smart, quick learner; loves exploring new things and always keeps herself busy in something or the other. Priya always lookout for new learning-based games and ideas for her daughter. Given the early childhood’ age, the easier they get attracted to new things, the sooner they get bored with the same things. She realized that toys itself aren’t enough to satisfy her daughter’s inquisitive mind. Hence, she went on a long search to find a holistic package of activity puzzles, learning worksheets, crafts, toys, etc.—a complete curriculum specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers that could be used as a reference point for her, before she starts formal elementary education. As a mother, Priya wants to nurture and help her in building a stronger, wiser, and compassionate self. And that requires, she believes, much more than gadgets or fancy games.

For a few months, she sifted through available learning modules in the hope of finding a value-creating package of activities. Yet, she couldn’t. That’s when she decided to weave together a set of fun-filled, value-creating learning activities for all the kids who are in this age group. Keeping in mind the uniqueness of the age group that varies from 18 months to six years, Priya created tittletot. Using her interest and passion for art and craft, she started exploring new ways of teaching. Thus, she created tittletot boxes, having a variety of learning content, worksheets, brain games, puzzles, and educational toys. This would not only help little ones to learn, play and explore new things but also, provide a strong foundation for their childhood.

Focus Areas

Vocabulary Building

Hand and Mind Coordination

Sensory Development

Logical Thinking and Creativity

Topics Covered

As a part of this program we focus on an all round development of your child by providing content which is fun for the kid to learn. A lot of attention is paid to understand the curiosity of a child and to address it by providing matrial from all possible aspects. We cover following topics, to name a few:

  • Vocabulary and Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Art
  • Creativity
  • Behaviorial
  • STEP Activities
  • Motor Skills Development

What We Do

Monthly topic selection for the kids

Every month we select a topic. Topics are well researched and based on the learning ability of that age group

What's inside the tittletot box
Our matreial grows with your child, every month and every week of the month
A tittletot box helps address child's ever increasing curiosity
Each month's tittletot box is complemented with a game/toy surprise for the kids