About Us


Our vision is to revolutionize the concept of early childhood education with innovative ideas and become the nation’s best early childhood educational material provider, by creating a strong foundation for these future leaders, with something new and exciting every day.

Who We Are

I, Priya, the founder of tittletot have worked as an educator in Montessori schools for some years. When my daughter was two years old, I started researching for well-structured programs. To my utter dismay, I couldn’t find any. I volunteered and worked at Montessori schools and realized that there is a need for a well-structured program for schools and homeschooling parents.

From my experience, I also knew that the traditional way of learning for preschoolers had a gap in the learning structure.

As I always had an interest in early education programs, I decided to come up with a holistic early education program that would not only benefit my child but thousands of preschoolers across the country.

That’s how Tittletot began its journey in 2018. Since then, tittletot has been successful in creating a variety of themes and connecting them with thousands of fun-filled, value-creating activities in the form of learning worksheets, sensory programs, crafts, toys, brain games, and activity puzzles that not only help children learn but play and explore new things too. Our mission is to set a strong foundation before these kids start their formal elementary school education.

Focus Areas

Vocabulary Building

Hand and Mind Coordination

Sensory Development

Logical Thinking and Creativity

Topics Covered

As a part of this program we focus on an all round development of your child by providing content which is fun for the kid to learn. A lot of attention is paid to understand the curiosity of a child and to address it by providing matrial from all possible aspects. We cover following topics, to name a few:

  • Vocabulary and Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Art
  • Creativity
  • Behaviorial
  • STEP Activities
  • Motor Skills Development

What We Do

Monthly topic selection for the kids

Every month we select a topic. Topics are well researched and based on the learning ability of that age group

What's inside the tittletot box
Our matreial grows with your child, every month and every week of the month
A tittletot box helps address child's ever increasing curiosity
Each month's tittletot box is complemented with a game/toy surprise for the kids