National Rain-forest Model Contest


tittletot membership/purchase not required to participate. Open to all members and non-members at no cost.

Junior Group: 3-5 years

Senior Group: 5-8 years

OPEN TO: Any kid residing in the USA and Canada 

***Registration Deadline:- January 4th, 2021***

Material to be used for the model: Wood, paper, plastic, cardboard, playdoh, slime, paint, stones, construction papers, miniatures, anything recyclable and kids friendly.

Registration: To participate in the contest, it is mandatory to register before the deadline. While registering, you need to select the presentation time from the calender. 

Selection Process: Virtual Presentation to the Panel

Kids ages 3-5 years will showcase their model and tell anything about their model or animals (e.g. favorite animal, flower, the voice of a lion, etc.)

Kids ages 5-8 years kids need to tell any 3 things about the rain-forests, how they created it and what is the best thing about rainforest/jungles that they like the most  

The main objective of this contest is to enhance our little ones’ confidence, creativity and unleash their imagination about the Rainforest/Jungle. With this contest, we aim to inspire the little minds to be more mindful of nature and how we take care of Mother Earth. The judges are looking for little artists’ creativity in capturing the habitat and the wonderful place that wildlife call home.

AWARDS & PRIZES (in each category)

  • ONE first prize to the best entry received.
  • FIVE second prizes to first runners up.
  • TEN third prizes to second runners up.
  • All other participants will receive a participation prize and certificate from Tittletot.

To get your models featured on our social media pages, while you build your model, please feel free to share the pictures by emailing them to

Result: All the results will be announced from Jan 15-20, 2021

Looking forward to what your little minds can create and so let that imagination take shape through your “Rainforest” model and presentation.
Good luck to all of the participants
Team Tittletot !!