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Nature is the most beautiful creation of God. Our tittletot ‘Beauty of Nature’ theme kit will unfold many secrets of nature and will help kids to walk through that. It will help them to learn about several small and big things that exists in the nature and make it so colorful. We will also do variety of fun and learn hands on activities to get better understanding and in depth knowledge about the subject

Kit includes:

  • Teachers’ Kit
  • 10+ activities for every child
  • Nature Explore classroom activity
  • Weathers, season, colors and trees craft activity
  • Life science creative art
  • Nature Walk- Scavenger Hunt
  • Rain Painting
  • tittletot ‘Beauty of Nature’ Flash Cards
  • GT Focusing Worksheets
  • Reward Charts
  • Certificates
  • Much more fun………..

It is a well structured program for schools with step by step for every child.

Special discounted packages for Preschools, Montessori & Kindergarten Schools and Daycare. If interested, please contact directly at


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