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At this stage of life, kids not just do what they want but they also listen and like participate in activities. Their little curious mind has lots of questions now. Now they have learning ability to know about themselves and surrounding things. They can now able to recognize incidence, sorting things, solve simple puzzles, hold colors and pencils, play simple games, sing nursery rhymes and stories and vocabulary continues to grow rapidly. Our Kiddie Champ curriculum is specially designed for this inquisitive age group. Monthly theme and material revolves round their nature, characteristics and learning capability. In this section we tried to answer some of their curiosities and introduce them to new topics and fun filled learning.

Beginner (Recommended for 36-39 mo.)

Now we begin with introducing our champs with things like alphabets -upper & lower case, who reside where, basic addition & subtraction and many other activities that are important for their intellectual, social and emotional development

Intermediate (Recommended for 39-42 mo.)

At this stage when our tittle tots have already learnt alphabets, numbers, shapes and living creatures, now it’s time to introduce them to understand the difference between living vs. non-living, 2D vs. 3D images and developing their writing skills.

Junior (Recommended for 42-45 mo.)

During this time the kiddie champ curriculum focuses on things in nature and our surroundings. We also learn about plants and apple life cycle. Along with that we will do craft activities and brain games.

Advanced (Recommended for 45-48 mo.)

After learning about nature, now it’s time to learn about other important things in life such as water and its uses. At this stage, we also introduce our champs to the colorful world and do some math puzzles. Craft activities are always a part of fun and easy learning for every stage of life.

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