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The ‘Medieval Ages’ were the interesting time of history. The stories of big Castles, brave Soldiers, Knights, Kings, Queens, Lords, and Ladies still fascinate kids of all age groups. In our ‘Medieval Ages’ fun and learn kit, we will explore and learn more about that particular time, people, buildings, lifestyles and do lots of fun and learn activities.

Kit includes:

  • Teachers’ Kit
  • Tittletot’s ‘Medival Ages’ reference book
  • 10+ activities for every child
  • Create your own Castle activity
  • Knight and King activities
  • tittletot unique learn and play Flash Cards
  • GT Focusing Worksheets
  • Reward Charts
  • Certificates
  • Much more fun………..

Our theme based curriculum is well structured, age specific and focusing on step by step learning of child.

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