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Space Explorer box is an activity box full of activities, sensory toys and craft kit to help kids explore and learn our vast universe. It is fun and learn box which would enhance kids’ knowledge about the universe and our solar system in a fun way. When kids complete the activities a certificate and graduate essentials can be used as a gift of appreciation.

Along with the main theme, the focus is also on motor skills development, memory building, imagination, hand-mind coordination and creativity enhancing skills.

Space Explorer box includes:

  • tittletot “Universe Fun Facts” booklet
  • Moon Landing Kit: Astronaut Set, background and other material
  • Space Graduate Essentials: Kaleidoscope (or similar)/Helmet
  • Creative Rocket Kit: Paint and Assemble
  • 6+ Worksheets
  • Learning Cards
  • Colors

This is a single box (one-time order), we also have monthly subscriptions and many other single boxes.

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Dimensions 12 × 9.25 × 3 in


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