Referral Terms

  1. A referral is considered when a recommendation is made by one of our members and the referred family joins one of the monthly subscription program with tittletot
  2. A referral discount of 10% will be applied to the referring member’s next month’s renewal, subject to the following conditions
    1. The referring member must be a continuing tittletot member
    2. The referral discount only applies to a monthly or weekly renewal
    3. If the referring member is already paid for multiple months, the discount will be applied to the next upcoming renewal
    4. The maximum value of the discount is 10% of the monthly renewal fee (base price) or US$30, whichever is minimum
  3. Multiple referrals can be applied to a single renewal if all the referrals are made in the same month, subject to a maximum of the 50% of the value of the monthly renewal fee of the referring member